Understanding your drive!
How about getting your vintage plane car or boat roaring
down the fast lane, ripping through the sky or flying over
the water without having to worry about how to maintain it.
At Genuinepart we have made that our primary mission.
We carefully recreate hard to find replacement or even unobtainable spare parts.
Using high-tech state of the art digital technologies combined with old school craftsmanship we bring a new lease of life to your priceless possessions.
Others use our service to be able to keep racing their vintage cars in a reliable way.
A prime example of this is our recreation of the 60 degree
V-drive for the famous Porsche 547 Carrera engine.
This V-drive is also known as the "small" Carrera V-drive.
Our part was an immediate success, even the prototype was directly spot on.
Proof of that is that the German Porsche engine
builder and specialist Karl Hloch directly used it on a customer engine.
If you search for parts please contact us and see how we can help fulfill your needs!

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